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Shh... Something is coming... by IWSFOD-D Shh... Something is coming... by IWSFOD-D
*** Before people get too excited, i want to say something first: ****
This picture is no mean of confirmation for anything, i heard some stuffs by the time i was at Redmond. This picture is more like a picture of a fan to show how dedicated the lads at Microsoft are for the platform, to show users that they are not forgotten by Joe and his team. They heard what you have to say about the OS. So everyone please calm down. I did not do any kind of interview with Joe and the word in the picture is just what i made up and i think Joe would say the same thing.
I am no mean of making this picture to get exposure. I am more like a fan like everybody else and just think people are little impatient on the progress of the OS.

***Quick Notes (2/6/2013)***
I saw the tweet from Jaxbot and look like he is unhappy with the decision that i use this screenshot in the previous release of the picture. It is true that i forgot to ask him at first , so Jaxbot, if you are reading this, i am sorry that i didn't ask you at first, because i didn't make this picture and then hope people will inflate the whole thing like what happened yesterday. The picture has been changed. Sorry :(
And Everyone, please listen, i am not an official Nokia employee by any mean, the bio that some of you guys previously saw in my Facebook was a mistake and i forgot to fix it. I am just a student who just got a little bit lucky. So please, don't make this such a big deal. I was at Redmond, i heard stuffs, i learned more about apps developments but i DID NOT see any running code (because i am not the official guy in the play) and this picture sum it all, "They have something for us, but they are not ready yet, please keep your feet down and let's them finish it".
I am sorry if i did let you down for a brief moment, but Microsoft will not give up on you, that is what i saw.

Quite a trip at Redmond.
There is something i am not allowed to talk
It is not confirmed in case you make a guess (either right or wrong , i won't answer :P). That is what tease meant to be ;)
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samcaffeine Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
we are impatient because the competition really high

i waited 2 years to see wp entering my region and 2 years to see my language supported in wp and 2 years to see the country i live in supported in windows phone store and xxxxxx years to get xbox live support

how is that for been impatient :|
IWSFOD-D Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I didn't have any trouble even on the first day with the Schubert. They have gone a long way with the native code support , make it way easier for us (the developers) to write apps. I see people fuss at Joe and his team everyday and make them like the worst OS development team in the world. You can't expect people to give you nice treat if you treat them like a$$hole at first. I was there, i heard stories, i heard about apps development and all kind of fun stuffs and this picture sum it all, "They have something for us, but they are not ready yet, please keep your feet down and let's them finish it".

And just to be clear, i am not Official Nokia Employee like people said about me, i say again,i am not, i am a student and i am a dev and there are others thing i can't discuss and they DID NOT show a running code to me. People are totally misunderstanding the bio that i mistakenly forgot to fix on my Facebook.
samcaffeine Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
i have nothing but respect to windows phone team and i have no idea that there are people who treat it them with disrespect those people who disrespect them don't deserve to be on windows phone platform because they are have negative impact to the rest of us

and to be clear i haven't bought android or iphone for the last two years because i wanted my money to go to Microsoft and windows phone so to some it up im windows phone fan

for the last part i know you are a student because i did read your comment on updated article on wpcentral :)
IWSFOD-D Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Just to be fair, i am just one lucky student, that is all i can say, i can't go on details.
And yes, i have been onboard with the OS since day 1 with the HD7 and have just finished running start with app development.
It was kind of a blew up yesterday for me because i didn't expect this kind of exposure when i upload this picture. The bio that people previously saw on my Facebook was actually a prank from one of my friend and i forgot to change it back. Right now,i have to push everything into private because this could cause major trouble when 3000 people look you up on Google and hunt your info down.
But yes, like i said, i made this picture like a way to appreciate the lads at Redmond for the platform,and people just misunderstand my actual position and then inflate it.
HNNNNNGHHH Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Probably a notification center, homebrew or otherwise. I'm guessing its part of a major update in the works.
PerfectSanity Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Hope for a notification center! :D
denisjelec Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Student Photographer
Brace yourselves. Notification center is coming!
RaymonVisual Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013   Artist
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